Meribel Ski Resort

The heart of the 3 Vallees


Located in the middle of the famous Les 3 Vallees ski area, Meribel Ski Resort is considered to be one of the most attractive resorts in the French Alps. Its vast ski area has made it a popular destination for both skiers and snowboarders who want enjoy its endless exciting terrain.

Meribel offer visitors the opportunity to explore 150km of piste in the Meribel Mottaret Valley alone. It as invested heavily into its lift system and now operates more high-speed gondola lifts than any other resort in the world. Furthermore, it has continued to updated its chairlifts with new high-speed four, six and eight chairs. There are two main choice when it comes to purchasing ski pass either a Meribel Ski Pass or a full area 3 Valleys Pass.

Meribel Ski Area

Meribel is one of the best ski resorts in the French Alps. Most of Meribel’s slopes are above the tree line, however some tree covered runs are available and provide excellent shelter on the days the weather becomes a little less delightful. Every ski run is colour coded indicating the difficulty level, and detailed maps are available through the resort. No matter what your skiing or snowboarding level may be. From beginner to expert, Meribel has something for everyone. If this is either your first skiing holidays or your first visit to Meribel we’ve put together a handy little guide to help you find the perfect piste for you.

For those that purchase the fully area 3 Valley Pass, the links to the neighbouring resorts of Courchevel, la Tania, Val Thorens and Les Menuires have been made easy.


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Try Something Different

Snow Parks

Snowboarders and skiers who prefer to fly high and ride rails will discover two fabulous snow parks in Meribel. Both parks have been designed to cater for both beginner and advanced freestylers.

Both parks have been fitted with free video cameras so that you can record your run. The camera’s are activated by simply swiping your lift pass cover the camera’s sensor. On the fourth beep begin your run, at the bottom of the run swipe your pass again and watch a play back of your run on the screen or watch it online and download it to share with your friends.

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X-Country Skiing

For those who fancy a change from classic alpine skiing, cross country is an ideal way to improve your physical condition or simply to discover the wonders and tranquility of the mountains.

In Méribel, Courchevel and La Tania cross-country skiers will find 90km (55 miles) of marked trails ranging from green and blue for beginners, up to red for advanced nordic skiers. The cross-country ski area within the Meribel valley covers a distance of 33km and is set in two magnificent area’s, Lac de Tueda and the Altiport Forest area.

Both classic and skating forms of the sport are accommodated, usually side by side. The trails are free to use and you can pick up a guide booklet and map from the Tourist Offices. Pistes are maintained each night and walkers are requested not to use the marked trails. The ESF (French Ski School) offers private or group lessons in cross country skiing in both Meribel and Mottaret.


Taste the beauty of snowshoeing with the ESF half day and full day options. Discover peace and solitude that most skiers never see whilst exploring the Vanoise National Park. Snowshoeing is a great activity for non-skiers or for skiers who want to see the world at a different pace.

Meribel Ski Resort Frequently Asked Questions

You can rent ski lockers at the La Chaudanne, conveniently located right under the Saulire telecabin. Each locker is heated and takes up to three pairs of skis/snowboards and boots.  The cost is €45 per week or €11 per day, you can reserve a locker in advance by calling +33 (0)479 086 532
The 10 FIS rules for the conduct of skiers and snowboarders

1: Respect for Others, People using the pistes should behave in such a way that do not put other people in danger or harm them, either by their behaviour or with their equipment.

2. Speed & Behaviour, People using the pistes must adapt their speed and behaviour to suit their personal abilities as well as the general ground and weather conditions, the state of the snow and the density of the traffic.

3. Choice of Direction by the Person Uphill, The skier who is uphill is in a position that enables them to choose a course, they must therefore make this choice so as to preserve the safety of anyone downhill.

4. Overtaking, Overtaking can be done either uphill or downhill, on the right or the left, but the person overtaking must always allow a margin for the movements of the person they are overtaking.

5. Where Pistes Cross & When Starting Off, After stopping, or where pistes cross, all users must, by looking uphill and downhill, make sure that they can start off without endangering themselves or other.

6. Standing, All users must avoid standing in passages which are narrow or where there is no visibility, in the event of a fall , they must get off the piste as quickly as possible.

7. Going Up & Down on Foot, People who are obliged to go up or down the list on foot must use the edge of the piste, taking care that either themselves or their equipment are a danger to others.

8. Respect for Information, Marking & Signs, People must take notice of information about weather conditions and about the state of the piste and snow. They must respect all markings and signs.

9. Assistance, Anyone witnessing or involved in an accident must give assistance, particularly by raising the alarm. If need be, and at the request of  the first-aid people, they must put themselves at their disposal.

10. Identification, Anyone witnessing or involved in an accident must make themselves known to the emergency services/or third parties. Swapping details with each other must take place.

The colours represent the scale of difficulty of the pistes in Meribel ski resorts.

Green – Very easy corresponds to a beginner level and nursery slopes

Blue – Easy, although the gradient has increased there maybe a few bumps and dips to test your balance.

Red – Steeper slopes, suitable for intermediate skiers/snowboarders or above, can pose a challenge in places.

Black – Technically difficult and steep, suitable for advance levels only.

The scales applies to whichever activity you are doing in Meribel – skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. Each pistes has the colour marked at the beginning and the poles along the side of the piste will correspond

Yes, all three surgeries in Meribel have English speaking doctors. Cabinet Medical 1600 (Dr Vabre) +33 (0) 479 086 540, Centre Medical du Parc Olympique (Drs Mabboux, Journoud, Schamasch0 +33 (0) 479 086 041 or Mottaret +33 (0) 479 004 088

Picnicking in forbidden or “interdict” in most mountain restaurants. You may get away with eating your own sandwiches if you buy some chips and a drink to go with them, but don’t be surprised if its frowned upon. However there are plenty of places to eat “al fresco” on the mountain.
Very easily, Always take precautions against the strength of the sun on your skiing holiday. At altitude and with the reflection off the snow, the sun’s rays can cause damage very quickly. Always wear sunglasses or goggles even when the sun is not shining. Apply sunscreen, apply it thickly and keep on appleying it ( you can still burn even when its cloudy). Putting one layer of suncream on in the morning will not protect you from burning, reapply every hour for the best protection.